King Arthur Flour Month at Historic Deerfield

KAFlogo.jpgDecember is King Arthur Flour Month at Historic Deerfield. Holidays are about memories, and the foods we prepare and share form a significant core of that memory bank. Recipes (or receipts at they were once called) whether written down or taught by demonstration are documents of these memories.  King Arthur Flour Month kicks off on Heritage Baking Day, Saturday, December 7, with a focus on historic baking and inspiration to start new baking traditions with help from King Arthur Flour's Baking Education Center.  Enjoy giftmaking, horse-drawn wagon rides, gingerbread cookie decorating, performances by the Connecticut Yuletide Carolers, and museum tours.

Heritage Recipe Baking Contest


The public is invited to share their family recipe and its story with Historic Deerfield and King Arthur Flour in the first ever Heritage Recipe Baking Contest. King Arthur Flour and Historic Deerfield are looking for your best family baked dessert recipe. Do you have a favorite cookie, cake, or pie that your grandmother passed down? Do you have a great story about making a special baked dessert for holidays? Send in your best family recipe along with a story for why it’s special, and you could be a winner! Fifteen finalists will be chosen to bring their baked goods to Historic Deerfield to be judged on Saturday, December 7.  The deadline for entries is Friday, November 22, 2013.

Thank you for your submissions! See the list of finalists here, and join us on Saturday, December 7 to find out who will win the Heritage Baking Recipe Contest!

2013 Heritage Baking Contest Rules (PDF)

2013 Heritage Baking Contest Entry Form (PDF)

Questions? Contact Education Program Coordinator Claire Carlson if you have any questions at (413) 775-7217.