Foodways in the Northeast

Foodways in the Northeast


The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife Annual Proceedings 1982

This publication is a collection of papers presented in June of 1982. The presentations covered diet, food preparation, and cooking in the preindustrial northeast present an unexpurgated view of historic patterns of foodways based on period account books, probate records, trial documents, diaries, period recipe books, and the resources of historical archaeology.

The following is a list of the title and author of each paper:

 The Archaeology of Urban Foodways in Portsmouth, New Hampshire by Steven R. Pendery

The Requa Site: A Preliminary Faunal Report by Roberta Wyman Wingerson

Mid Eighteenth-Century Food and Drink on the Massachusetts Frontier by Michael D. and Sophie D. Coe

Wholesome, Toothsome, and Diverse: Eighteenth-Century Foodways in Deerfield, Massachusetts ny Daphne L. Dervin

 Brick Ovens in the Genesee Country, 1789-1860: Architectural and Documentary Evidence by Lynne J.Belluscio

 Producing, Selecting, and Serving Food at the Country Seat by Charles A. Hammond

It “went away shee knew not how”: Food Theft and Domestic Conflict in Seventeenth-Century Essex County by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Yeoman Foodways at Plimoth Plantation by James W. Baker

The Fireplace at Memorial Hall, Deerfield, Massachusetts: “Picturesque Arrangements; Tender Associations” by David r. Proper

Moderator: Marley Brown III. Panelists: David R. Starbuck, Giovanna Neudorfer, David Poirier, Gary Hume, Suzanne Elliott, and Roland W. Robbins

New England Historical Archeology: the Response of a Historian by Charles E. Clark

Bibliography of New England Historical Archeology

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