House and Home

House and Home


This publication is a collection of papers presented in June of 1988. The conference was organized to consider the everyday circumstances which might be uppermost in the minds of early householders such as childcare, health, aging, food spoiling and the scarcity of cash and to the marginal classes of house dwellers such as children, servants, slaves, apprentices and unmarried family members. It also looks at ephemeral social circumstances such as tenancy, poverty, vagrancy and landlessness.

The following is a list of the title and author of each paper:

Provision for Daughters: The Accounts of Samuel Lane by Jane C. Nylander

The “Single-Parent” Households of Portland’s Wadsworth-Longfellow House by Joyce Butler

Murder in Middletown: Lower Class Life in Connecticut in 1815 by Doris Sherrow

“Slavish” and Other Female Work in the Parkman Household, Westborough, Massachusetts, 1724-1782 by Ross W. Beales, Jr.

 The Dilemmas of Domestic Service in New England, 1750-1850 by Charles A. Hammond

 Home Fires: Cookstoves in American Culture, 1815-1900 by Priscilla J. Brewer

“A great help to many families”: Straw Braiding in Massachusetts Before 1825 by Caroline Sloat

Eliza Wildes Bourne of Kennebunk: Professional Fancy Weaver, 1800-1820 by Sandra S. Armentrout

Selected Bibliography on Aspects of House and Home in New England and the Northeast Before 1870 by Gerald W.R. Ward

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