Music in the Life of Benjamin Franklin CD

Music in the Life of Benjamin Franklin CD


This recording celebrates Franklin’s love of music. Selections include sentimental Scots songs, old broadside ballads, excerpts from operas and chamber music, and comical drinking songs that he composed. The songs and instrumental pieces are those Benjamin Franklin knew and enjoyed during his long and eventful life. Period reproduction instruments, including Franklin's glass armonica, are featured on this CD. Recording by David & Ginger Hildebrand and Julianne Baird. Weight .1 Oz.

Table of Contents

The Rising Sun                                                 The Stol’n Kiss

The Old Man’s Wish                                         The Mother Country

Dieu d’Amour, by Gretry                                  The Downfal of Pyracy

Adagio K.V.356 (K.V.617a), by Mozart              See, Down Maria’s Blushing Cheek

Que l’Histoire sur l’Airain                                   Hallow E’en

Minuetto II, by Brillon                                         The Spanish Lady

J’ai perdu mon Euridice, by Gluck                     Sae Merry as We Twa hae Been

Fair Venus Calls                                                   La Voltaire & La Franklein

The Anthem Sung at Chester                             I Sing my Plain Country Joan

Auld Robin Gray                                                Wise Men Flatt’ring, by Handel

The Antediluvians Were All Very Sober          Ode on the Death of Franklin

The Free Mason/The Mason’s Daughter         Total Running Time: 70:18

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