New England and the Caribbean

New England and the Caribbean


This publication is a collection of papers presented in June of 2008. The principal themes of this conference include the underlying English antagonism to the Iberian presence, New Englanders as planters and slaveholders, the importance of kinship, the forced color-based servitude that affected every aspect of life, and violence in everyday living. The essay topics include trades, plantations and business ventures, slavery and piracy, Caribbean immigrants to New England and Architecture.

The following is a list of the title and author of each paper:

The Card Family and the Mahogany Trade: From New England to the Bay of Honduras by Jennifer L. Anderson

New England Whaling in the Caribbean by Michael P. Dyer

Antillean Ambitions and Entanglements; a New Englander’s British-Caribbean Network and Career during the American Early Republic by James W. Roberts

The Moffatts of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and the Caribbean by Barbara McLean Ward

 Cold Drinks in Hot Weather: The Boston-Havana Ice Trade, 1801-1834 by Amanda Warnock

“A (useful) Spanish Indian Damsel”: Native Caribbean Slavery in Boston before 1770 by Peter Benes

Beyond the Triangle Trade: Rhode Island and the West Indies by Eric Kimball

Caribbean Buccaneers in New England by Stephen C. O’Neill

“The Chief Spirit…Our Venerable Fellow Citizen”: The Life of John Remond in Antebellum Salem, Massachusetts by George Schwartz

Embracing the Sacred in the Secular: Synagogue Architecture, Community, and God in Willemstad, Curaçao, and Newport, Rhode Island by Daniel Kurt Ackermann

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