New England at Sea: Maritime Memory and Material Culture

New England at Sea: Maritime Memory and Material Culture


The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife Annual Proceedings 2016


This publication is a collection of papers presented in June of 2016 addressing the subject New England at Sea:  Maritime Memory and Material Culture. This publication consists of five topics:  Memory and Material Culture; Looking Back on Technology and Maritime Economics; Preserving Memory through Songs and Painting; The Experience of Minorities; and Maritime Clothing. Each of the papers presented discussed a particular theme under one of these topics.



The following is the title and author of each paper:


o    Making Modern and Antimodern Maritime Memories:  Gloucester’s Fisheries Diorama at the 1893 Columbian Exposition by W. Jeffrey Bolster

o    Preserving, Interpreting, and Sailing America’s Icons:  USS Constitution and the Charles W. Morgan by Margherita M. Desy

o    “Their exploits on the ocean wave…might still be handed down”:  The Salem East India Marine Society Museum and Maritime Memory by George Schwartz

o    Reading the Survival “Log” of the Polly of Boston by Daniel Finamore

o    Traditional Nineteenth-Century Ship Design:  Half-Models, Mould Lofts, and Horning Poles by Nathan R. Lipfert

o    A New England Whaler Goes Slaving by Anthony J. Connors

o    Huzza for the American Navy:  The Sea Battles of the War of 1812 in Song and Verse by Caroline F. Sloat

o    Speed, Technology, and Adventure in Fitz Henry Lane’s Celebrated Ships of the 1840s by Melissa Geisler Trafton

o    Black Hands, White Profits:  The Critical Role Black Laborers Played in Rhode Island’s Maritime Economy, 1750-1800 by Charles R. Foy

o    What Frederick Douglass Left Out:  African American Maritime Workers in New Bedford, 1838 by Len Travers

o    Jewish New Bedford and the Birth of a Maritime Antiques Trade by Laura A. Miller and Marla R. Miller

o    “A complete suit of flannel under-clothing, for bad weather”:  Rediscovering and Reproducing Richard Henry Dana Jr.’s Cape Horn Wardrobe by Tyler Rudd Putnam

o    Oilcloth and Nippers:  Outfitting Gloucester Fishermen in the Late Nineteenth Century by Laura E. Peluso


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