New England Meeting House and Church: 1630 - 1850

New England Meeting House and Church: 1630 - 1850


This publication is a collection of papers presented at the Dublin Seminar of New England Folklife conference in June of 1979. The purpose of the conference was to recover and recreate the larger social and religious “world” of the meeting house in its pre-industrial setting.  The majority of papers presented addressed architectural and decorative topics.

The following is a list of the title and author of each paper:

Meeting and Dwelling House: Interrelationships in Early New England by Abbott L. Cummings

Asher Benjamin and Charles Bulfinch: An Examination of Baroque Forms in Federal Style Architecture by Jack Quinan

Lavius Fillmore and the Federal Style Meeting House by Glenn M. Andres

An Architectural Investigation of the 1751 Meeting House at Abington, Conn. By Alvan Hill

Sky Colors and Scattered Clouds:  The Decorative and Architectural Painting of New England Meeting Houses, 1738-1834 by Peter Benes

Anglican Embellishments: The Contributions of John Gibbs, Junior, and William Price to the Church of England in Eighteenth-Century Boston by Bettina A. Norton

Toward Comfort and Uniformity in New England Meeting Houses, 1750-1850 by Jane C. Nylander

The Marblehead Pews by Robert F. Trent

Spiritual Dynamics of Puritan Worship by Charles Hambrick-Stowe

The Lord’s Supper in Early New England: The Setting and the Service by Philip D. Zimmerman

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