New England/New France 1600 - 1850

New England/New France 1600 - 1850


This publication is a collection of papers presented in June of 1989, addressing the subject of daily life in New England and in French-speaking North America in comparative historical perspective, 1600-1850. The relationships of French and English settlers to Native Americans; early French settlement, land tenure, and occupational practices; early French decorative arts and folklife traditions; and housing, clothing, and agricultural life in Lower Canada.

The following is a list of the title and author of each paper:

The Abenakis and the Anglo-French Borderlands by Colin G. Calloway

Captured…Never Came Back: Social Networks among New England Female Captives in Canada, 1689-1763 by Barbara E. Austen

Two Stories of New England Captives:  Grizel and Christine Otis of Dover, New Hampshire by Alice N. Nash

French and British Emigration to the North American Colonies: A Comparative View by Leslie P. Choquette

 Community Development in Seventeenth-Century New France: Notre Dame des Anges by Mary Ann La Fleur

 Land Transmission Practices among Nineteenth-Century Northern Maine French Canadians by Beatrice Craig

Gentility on the Frontiers of Acadia, 1635-1674: An Archaeological Perspective by Alaric Faulkner

An Urban Society in Evolution: Quebec City in the Eighteenth Century by Yvon  Desloges

Farm Implements and Husbandry in Colonial Quebec, 1740-1840 by Christian Dessureault and John A. Dickinson

Clothing, Society, and Consumer Trends in the Montreal Area, 1792-1835 by David Thiery Ruddel

Pour une approche comparative de l’étude des sociétés rurales nord-américaines by Beatrice Crai


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