New England's Creatures: 1400 - 1900

New England's Creatures: 1400 - 1900


The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife Annual Proceedings 1993

This publication is a collection of papers presented in June of 1993. The presentations examined descriptive and natural history accounts of creatures in the region in an effort to re-create the personal, political and environmental, and ethical issues of New Englanders’ involvement with animal life.

The following is a list of the title and author of each paper:

 The (In) Significance of Atlantic Salmon in New England by Catherine C. Carlson

Game as Food in New France by Marc R. Lafrance and Yvon Desloges

The Pettaquamscut Purchase of 1657/58 and the Establishment of a Commercial Livestock Industry in Rhode Island by Daniel A. Romani, Jr.

“Breachy” Sheep and Mad Dogs: Troublesome Domestic Animals in Rhode Island, 1750-1800 by Ruth Wallis Herndon

 The Horses and the Horse Trades of Colonial Boston by James E. Kences

 “If the Worcester Boys want to see cattle haul, they must come to Kennebec”: The Trial of Working Oxen as an Expression of Regional Agricultural Values, 1818-1860 by Jochen Welsch

Fair-weather Friends: Merino Sheep and the Origins of the Modern American Agricultural Fair Mark A. Mastromarino

Animal House: Pet Keeping in Urban and Suburban Households in the Northeast, 1850-1900 by Katherine C. Grier

The Chewed Chair Leg and the Empty Collar: mementos of Pet Ownership in New England by Nancy C. Carlisle

To the Curious: Bird and Animal Exhibitions in New England, 1716-1825 by Peter Benes

Cockfighting in North America and New England, 1680-1900 by Peter W. Cook

Songs “so beautiful that this man wishes to listen to them forever”: The Whaleperson in Micmac and Passamaquoddy Myth by Chris Duplisea

“Cattle of every kind do fill the land”. Historical Re-creation of Farm Animals and Animal Husbandry Practices of 1627 New Plymouth by Elizabeth A. Lodge

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