Over the Hills and Far Away CD

Over the Hills and Far Away CD


Over five years of extensive research into the music and instruments of 18th-century Annapolis went into the making of this recording. The selections were recorded at Colonial sites throughout Annapolis using original and authentic reproduction instruments. By David & Ginger Hildebrand.


Scottish Vogue: The Birks of Endermay, The Last Time I Came O’er the Moor, Ianthe the Lovely, Corn Riggs.

The Theatre: A Rose Tree from The Poor Soldier; Tho’ Late I was Plump from The Poor Soldier; Medley from The Beggar’s Opera: If the Heart of a Man; Since Laws were Made; Over the Hills and Far Away

The Tuesday Club: Club March Against Sir Hugh Maccarty, She Tells Me With Claret, See See My Boys

Local Music: Annapolis March, As I was Going to Baltimore, New Bath Minuet 

The Tavern: Handsome Cabin Boy, Planxty Fanny Power/Oyle of Barley, Tobacco, Morgan Megan 

The Church: Psalms 42 and 92.


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