Rural New England Furniture: People, Place, and Production

Rural New England Furniture: People, Place, and Production


This publication is a collection of papers presented at the Dublin Seminar of New England Folklife conference in June of 1998.

The following is a list of the title and author of each paper:

Repairs versus Deception in Essex County Cupboards, 1830 – 1890                                                                             by Robert F. Trent and Peter Follansbee

Cabinetmaking Practices in Revolutionary Concord: New Evidence by David F. Wood

Capt. Abraham Knowlton, Joiner, and the Seminal Woodworkers of Ipswich, Massachusetts by Susan S. Nelson

William Lloyd and the Workmanship of Change by Philip Zea

Amzi Chapin: A New England Cabinetmaker Singing and Working in the South and Trans-Appalachian West by David C. Thomas and Peter Benes

Artisan-Entrepreneurs in Worcester County, Massachusetts by David P. Jaffe

Sterling, Massachusetts: An Early Nineteenth-Century Seat of Chairmaking by Frank G. White

The Briggs Family Business and Furniture: A Study of Patronage and Consumption in Antebellum Southwestern New Hampshire by Jason T. Busch

Cheaper by the One-sixth Dozen: Vermont’s Patterson Chair Company by Kimberly King Zea

Bottomed Out: Female Chair Seaters in Nineteenth-Century Rural New England by Nan Wolverton

Shaker Furniture and Shaker Architecture in Enfield, New Hampshire: Reconstructing Material Life in Form, Time, and Place by Robert P. Emlen

Sewing Desks: Gender and Appearance in Shaker Communities and the World by Erin M. Budis

The South Shaftsbury, Vermont, Painted Wooden Chests by David Krashes

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