Stage-coach and Tavern Days

Stage-coach and Tavern Days


Stage-coach and Tavern Days by Alice Morse Earle offers a comprehensive study, both light-hearted and serious, of the enormous role of taverns and modes of travel in colonial culture. This fun and fascinating book is enhanced by more than 150 illustrations and an index of names, subjects and places, including names of taverns.

The fathers of our country plotted the Revolution within tavern walls. Indian paths evolved into turnpikes, as long as there were taverns along the way. Economic growth was shaped by the invention of rum and other intoxicants that were eagerly consumed in these popular establishments.

Some of the chapters discuss the Puritan ordinary, the tavern landlord, tavern fare and tavern ways, signs and symbols, the tavern in war, packhorses and Conestoga wagons, early stage-coaches and other vehicles, the romance of the road, the pains of stage-coach travel, knights of the road and tavern ghosts.

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467 pages