Wonders of the Invisible World: 1600 - 1900

Wonders of the Invisible World: 1600 - 1900


This publication is a collection of papers presented in June of 1992. The presentations centered on two themes, the universality of the human imagination and the reality of dreams shared by seventeenth-century Iroquois, by eighteenth-century African Americans and by New Englanders; and the loss of cohesion, definition and original purpose in the transfer of “invisible” practices from Europe to North America as well as from Africa to North America.

The following is a list of the title and author of each paper:

Missionaries and Magicians: The Jesuit Encounter with Native American Shamans on New England’s Colonial Frontier by Robert Moss

Black Arts and Black Magic: Yankee Accommodations to African Religion by William D. Piersen

African –American Spiritual Beliefs: An Archaeological Testimony from the Slave Quarter by M. Drake Patten

Chaste and Unchaste Covenants: Witchcraft and Sex in Early Modern Culture by Richard Godbeer

 Witchcraft in Montreal and Quebec during the French Regime, 1600-1760: An essay on the Survival of French Mentalité in Colonial Canada by Hervé Gagnon

 The Smiles and Frowns of Providence by Ross W. Beales, Jr.

“Hill Diggers” and “Hell Raisers”: Treasure Hunting and the Supernatural in Old and New England by W. R. Jones

“The True Spiritual Seed”: Sectarian Religion and the Persistence of the Occult in Eighteenth-Century New England by John L. Brooke

Fortunetellers, Wise Men, and Magical Healers in New England, 1644-1850 by Peter Benes

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