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Early American Furniture: Recent Research in Training, Technique, and Lifestyle

Join us for the upcoming Historic Deerfield Decorative Arts forum on early American furniture.

Ongoing research drives any field of inquiry fueled by new information, theories, and methods. In the world of art and antiques, the information is both intellectual and visual, always appealing to multiple senses and taking us back in time to when the artifacts were new and defined by modern techniques and lifestyles.Taken together, objects populate places just like people do and become a time machine for imagining what shaped the past and therefore ourselves. Please join the Curatorial staff at Historic Deerfield for a look at current research in the study of early American furniture from the cabinet shop to parlor and chamber. The weekend in Deerfield, among our museum houses and extensive collections, will kindle a passion for learning about the unspoken meanings embedded in early American craftsmanship.

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