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Deerfield-Wellesley Symposium 2019: New England Travels

A one-day symposium sponsored by Historic Deerfield and the Grace Slack McNeil Program for Studies in American Art at Wellesley College.

9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Deerfield Community Center, Free

This day-long symposium will explore the art and material culture of New England travel from 1700-1950. As early as the 18th century, Americans and foreign observers alike remarked upon the restlessness of a population on the move despite the hardships, expense, and logistical challenges of long-distance travel. After the Revolution, a growing network of roads, canals, railroads, and steamships connected Americans to destinations both near and far. Whether journeying for business, pleasure, health reasons, or to visit kin, many travelers recorded their impressions in works of art as well as writing. Nineteenth-century New Englanders seemed especially prone to journey far from their homes as they succumbed to what one observer described as "Yankee roam-all-over-the-world-itiveness."