Wood Earrings with French Wire

Wood Earrings with French Wire


These all-wood earrings come in five shapes: square, circle, triangle, tiny drop, and kite. Various woods are used in creating the earrings, so they come in a variety of color combinations. All woods used are from sustainably harvested lumber.  These are the natural colors of the wood: no dyes, paints, or stains are used.

 You may choose the desired shape of the earrings, but not the color combination. For the triangle, you may also choose it with the point up or down.

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Artisan: Kurt Meyer

Size of wood portion of earring by shape:

Squares: .75”L x .75”W x 1/16”H

Circles: .75”L x .75”W x 1/16”H

Triangles: .5”L x .5”W x 1/16”H

Tiny Drops: .5”L x .5”W x 1/16”H

Kites: .5”L x .75”W x 1/16”H