Letter from the President


Dear Students,

I would like to take a minute to encourage you to apply to the Historic Deerfield Summer Fellowship Program, which the museum has operated as a centerpiece since 1956. Over 450 students have taken part since then in this nine-week, residential program that serves as an introduction to museum work, material culture (art, architecture, artifacts &c.), New England history, and primary research with original documents. We are in touch with about 75% of these former summer students who work as teachers, architects, artists, auction house experts, gallery owners of art and antiques, and, yes, museum personnel. It worked for me as a college undergraduate in 1973! A Summer Fellowship is a great way to hone professional skills, to learn how to see what you are looking at, and to enjoy rural New England and lots of other places on our legendary field trips. Think about it….

Sincerely yours,

Philip Zea