Special and Planned Gifts

Special Purpose Gifts

In addition to making unrestricted gifts through the Friends of Historic Deerfield, the Asher Benjamin Society, or the Annual Fund, many contributors support designated projects or programs, such as the development of exhibitions or ongoing preservation of a particular historic property, while others establish named endowment funds to sustain a particular aspect of our work over the long term.

Tribute Gifts

Gifts to Historic Deerfield, whether unrestricted or designated, are often made to honor a family member, friend, or mentor, as well as to mark significant life events and achievements. Note that Deerfield Descendants often choose tribute gifts to honor the memory of ancestors.

Planned Gifts

Members of the Ebenezer and Abigail Wells Society have made “planned” or deferred gifts to Historic Deerfield as part of their financial and estate planning. Such contributions – whether made as a revocable provision in a will or through an irrevocable contract or trust instrument – often help donors make very substantial gifts from assets without sacrificing the income-producing potential of those assets during life.

Join those making special purpose and planned gifts!

By making a bequest as a provision of your will, or a beneficiary designation (for example, with a life insurance policy), you direct some portion of your estate to Historic Deerfield (note that such provisions or designations can be changed).

With a Charitable Gift Annuity or the several forms of Charitable Remainder Trust, you contribute cash or stock (and in some cases, real estate) for the benefit of Historic Deerfield in return for annual income for yourself or others you designate as annuitants or income beneficiaries.

Through a Charitable Lead Trust, you contribute the income from assets placed in trust to Historic Deerfield for a specified term of years, requiring that the assets remaining in the trust be returned to you, or passed on to heirs, at the end of the term specified.

Please contact leadershipgift@historic-deerfield.org or 413-775-7177 to discuss Special Purpose, Tribute, and/or Planned Gifts.

All gifts to Historic Deerfield are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the Internal Revenue Code