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Artists and Imagery of Early New England

Numbering in the hundreds, and mostly on display throughout the rooms of the historic houses, the collection includes several portraits by Erastus Salisbury Field (1805-1900), and the only known portrait of American architect Asher Benjamin (1773-1845).


The Picnic; The Maples by Erastus Salisbury Field (1805-1900), Sunderland/Leveritt, Massachusetts, c. 1845. Oil on canvas.  2017.19. Photo by Penny Leveritt.


Dr. Ebenezer Hunt, by Ralph Earl (c. 1751-1801), Northampton, Massachusetts, 1799.  Oil on canvas. 1967.160.1. Photo by Amanda Merullo.


Betsy Dole Hubbard, by Erastus Salisbury Field. Sunderland, Massachusetts, 1836-1837. Oil on canvas. Photo by Penny Leveritt.