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The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife

2024 Dublin Seminar of Early New England Life

Into the Woods: New England Forests in Fact and Imagination

The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife (founded in 1976) is pleased to announce the subject of its 2024 gathering, Into the Woods: New England Forests in Fact and Imagination, to be held at Historic Deerfield June 28-29, 2024.

Schedule- To Be Announced


Seminar Proceedings, exhibition catalogues, and occasional publications generated by conferences held from 1976 through 2007 are available for purchase through Historic Deerfield’s Museum Gift Shop and Bookstore.  View available publications.


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1976   Puritan Gravestone Art
1977   New England Historical Archaeology
1978   Puritan Gravestone Art II
1979   New England Meeting House and Church
1980   New England Prospect: Maps, Place Names, and the Historical Landscape
1981   The Bay and the River
1982   Foodways in the Northeast
1983   American Speech: 1600 to the Present
1984   Itinerancy in New England and New York
1985   Families and Children
1986   The Farm
1987   Early American Inventories
1988   House and Home
1989   New England/New France
1990   Medicine and Healing
1991   Algonkians of New England
1992   Wonders of the Invisible World
1993   New England’s Creatures: 1400‒1900
1994   Painting and Portrait Making in the American Northeast
1995   Plants and People
1996   New England Music
1997   Textiles in Early New England: Design, Production, and Consumption
1998   Rural New England Furniture: People, Place, and Production
1999   Textiles in New England II: Four Centuries of Material Life
2000  New England Celebrates: Spectacle, Commemoration, and Festivity
2001  Women’s Work in New England, 1620‒1920
2002  The Worlds of Children, 1620‒1920
2003  Slavery/Antislavery in New England
2004  New England Collections and Collectors
2005  Life on the Streets and Commons
2006  New England Diaries 1: Diary Diversity, Coming of Age
2007  New England Diaries 2: Neighborhoods, War, Travel, and History
2008  New England and the Caribbean
2009  Waterways and Byways, 1600‒1890
2010  Dressing New England: Clothing, Fashion, and Identity
2011   New England and the Civil War
2012   The Irish in New England
2013   Foodways in the Northeast II: A Second Helping
2014  Let the Games Begin: Sports and Recreation in New England
2015  Schooldays in New England: 1650-1900
2016  New England at Sea: Maritime Memory and Material Culture
2017 Small World: Toys, Dolls and Games in New England
2018 Religious Spaces: Our Vanishing Landmarks
2019 Entertainments at Taverns and Long Rooms in New England, 1700-1900 2021 Living with Disabilities in New England, 1630-1930
2022 Tools and Toolmaking in New England
2023 Indigenous Histories in New England: Pastkeepers and Pastkeeping

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